Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Victoria Day Weekend Hike

Canadian immersion 101. Victoria Day. What's that? A day to celebrate Queen Victoria's birthday and a three day weekend in Canada to unofficially mark the beginning of Summer. Eric and I decided to explore Tommy Thompson Park, a.k.a. the Leslie Street Spit, located in the city of Toronto.
The Leslie Street Spit.
It's an iconic Canadian moment, smack dab in the biggest city in Canada. Eric and I are fairly used to seeing the lowest portion of trees protected from beavers with a wrapping of metal mesh. This was, I believe my first beaver lodge. I admit to not expecting to see one within city limits. Silly me, eh? 
There is the tiniest, pathetic utilitarian type light house at the end of the peninsula. I am sure it does the job. But it is clearly unloved. A sad sight for someone who lived in New England like myself, and has witnessed firsthand the adoration and worship of the lighthouses in that region.
The Spit is on the right in this picture. Eric and I hiked to the lighthouse and back. We haven't yet been to the Toronto Islands which can be seen on the lower left in this image.