Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Toronto City Hike

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Last weekend, Eric and I went for a walk through High Park. We took a ride on the TTC south from Eglinton on the Yonge St. line and then west on the Bloor St. line. Starting our hike at the north end of High Park we walked south to Lake Ontario and then continued East-ish. We eventually made our way North until King St. which we then followed East to University. Coulda sworn we hit the subway on University but can't remember the name of the Station. St. Andrew? No matter. We still made it home and our legs look great!


Anonymous said...

Gorgeous shots! Toronto isn't known for its natural beauty, but its actually one of the more attractive cities with its prime lakefront location, ravine system, and unique forests.

Thanks for sharing!

Adam said...

T.O. lake front is indeed gorgeous. Unfortunately, T.O. is, yet another city that has allowed that resource to be made inaccessible by larger roads and highways. We walked longer than expected because we couldn't find an accessible pedestrian bridge over the motorways...a point I probably should have included in my post. Despite this the day was great and we enjoyed the urban hike.

James Redekop said...

Yeah, the King & University stop is St. Andrew.

The last pedestrian bridge over the Gardiner before the Ex is currently closed for repairs... Though if you'd continued through Centennial Park (where you turned north) to Queen's Quay, you'd've arrived at the Harbourfront, where you can catch a trolley to the subway as well.