Thursday, October 16, 2008

Ottawa, Thanksgiving, Autumn Colours

Eric was in Ottawa on a business trip for the last two or so weeks and we decided that his situation demanded that I join him for a long weekend holiday. Here are some pictures of the city of Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau Park, Quebec.
Gatineau Park
Parliament Hill.

The Rideau Canal locks.


Tom said...

Great pics guys. I hope you enjoyed the trip.

bgk said...

<3 how do you find Toronto now that you've had a chance for a breather.

Adam said...

Yup, we are both breathing normally now, thankyouverymuch. We like T.O. It has a lot to offer and luckily, we have met several really great people who have introduced us to their social circle. We are very comfortable in our flat and our neighborhood is full of good stuff. Yup, as far as starting over in a new place goes, we are doing really well.

Anonymous said...

The Parc de la Gatineau is probably the nicest place to see the fall colors around - beautiful!

Ottawa is a nice place overall, especially for such sceneries.

Well, okay, a bit boring culturally speaking, compared to Toronto. ;)

Thanks for visiting today (both Ottawa and my blog!)

I thought I learned that lesson said...

I got it wrong. By the looks of these pictures YOU live in Disneyland.


M Taher said...

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I have added your blog in my neighborhood (blog roll)!!! Will you reciprocate.
Best, MT

teflonjedi said...

Ottawa looks as great as always!

Unknown said...

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