Sunday, August 3, 2008

Who Lives in Toronto?

Hello all. Just a short post to declare, "We've Landed!"

Our drive across the U.S. with our cat Caesar is finished. We crossed the border with "flying colours" having no issues with Canadian Immigration or Customs.

Having arrived early evening on Saturday, we've now been in our new flat on Oriole Parkway one full day. Our belongings are currently sitting in a warehouse somewhere on Front St. and we are expecting delivery in a day or so. I would like to sleep in my bed and not in the camping gear we brought along so cross your fingers for us.

Today we explored our new neighbourhood, had a bite to eat, attended the movie, "The Dark Knight" at the local cinema, and introduced ourselves to the grocery shopping at the Dominion up the street.

Happily, we have been exchanging text messages from our friends in San Francisco who are busy with the normal weekend frolic, wondering what our state of affairs are, and missing our company. We miss them, too, despite being pleasantly distracted by our new surroundings.

It's great to finally be here. More posts to follow regarding our trip across the U.S., our new home, and details about our landing as soon as I catch up on some sleep.


Tom said...

Welcome to Toronto guys!!

It's great to have to have you here with us.

Jen said...

Congrats and welcome!

Adam said...

Thank you! *SO* glad to finally be here.

Scott M. said...

Who lives in Toronto?


(You'll get the joke after a while here...) :)


MSEH said...


Anonymous said...

Fantastic news!! I just accepted a new job in Pittsburgh while I forever wait for my immigration to go through. ;) At least i'm only 4 hours away!

Good luck guys!

Adam said...

The drive from Pittsburgh to TO is easy as long as there isn't a lengthy wait at the border. Good luck on the immigration!

Kim_in_TO said...