Tuesday, January 6, 2009


A new year; a new look.

But, alas, the choices. Or lack thereof. Blogger doesn't seem to add new templates often - if not at all. And the formats of those same templates - the ones we have been choosing from, say, forever, often can't be modified as completely as one (I) would like. I whine. I know - it's free. As free as anything is in this world. But the lack of choice and personalization bores me. I've been to Wordpress. I've been to Live Journal. I am still looking. *yawn*

As I write this and indent specific words, the "i" icon doesn't seem to know when to properly highlight. It is highlighted now and I am not indenting my words. Interesting. I also made some changes in the elements. Simple ones regarding titles and wording. I didn't actively alter the pictures and yet they automatically got smaller when I saved my changes. Not happy. User friendly? I have to laugh. I even work on IE to mitigate the odd behavior often found when using alternative (and usually preferred) browsers. Alas...not the answer.

I know. Stop whining. OK, I'll try...

The new look isn't that great and I am not satisfied. I will take my victim mask off and learn how to create a more personalized blog. I will find a new blog host. And I will migrate and park my blog there and finally use the URL that I paid money for.

Apparently I have too much free time on my hands. But I knew this. And I've probably had too much coffee this morning. Again...I have to laugh.


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