Friday, February 6, 2009

Update of Sorts

Our lives in Toronto this February have been good. Work has taken Eric away and back for a couple of weeks now. I won't be seeing much of him until, I think, the second week in March. He returns on weekends which makes for rather lonely work weeks here on Oriole Parkway - just me and Caesar the cat. I can't really complain. He has a very stable job with a company that is doing well considering the world economic crisis. Every week I have a relative or friend in the states ask me how Canada is fairing. "Better than many countries," I say. While none have been personally affected, friends of mine here in T.O. have spoken of concerns regarding staff lay-offs at the companies were they work. The U.S. lost approximately 600,000. jobs this last January. Can anyone imagine the entire population of a city losing their jobs in a months time? How 'bout next month? 

I continue to pursue employment. I am sure that like everyone else in my position I regularly visit several job/resume web sites. I receive updates on saved searches from those that provide them. I scour Craigslist job ads regularly. I have to admit I have never, ever worked this hard to find a job. I find the frustration building and manifesting into unfocused anger. It's interesting. So far. Nothing my partner has had to deal with but when I speak of it he becomes concerned. He does not generally know me as an angry person. To deal with this negative energy, this week I joined a gym. It feels good. I've become more my normal self. 

My sister-in-law has hired me for two days this coming week. The company she works for does gigs all over North America and Europe. They have a show here in Toronto and I am to be a production assistant. She is wonderful to think of me. I am happy to accept. 

The rest of the week I will continue my job search. I am going to try something different but I am not sure how that will manifest itself. 

And I will keep going to the gym. 

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Tom said...

I am trying my best to be patient being on the other side of the employment issue. It's difficult for all of us.

The gym was great yesterday morning, not too many people and Sonia Dillon is kicking my butt with the yoga. I am just not that bendy.