Tuesday, July 14, 2009

New Zoo Review - Toronto!

Sunday was our day to explore the Toronto Zoo. I am not the biggest fan of caging animals but an afternoon out in the sun touring a zoo's grounds and exhibits is rather pleasant. The T.O. zoo is huge and the grounds are very forest-like. We didn't stop to think that the Zoo on Sunday would be overwhelmingly crowded. It was.
Our time on the service road traveling north to the parking lot was over an hour. Accessing the parking lot by traveling Southbound from the North would be our unanimous suggestion. The Northbound traffic from the South, the way we came, was jammed while in the opposite direction it was almost non-existent.
Our buddy, John.
A candid shot of Eric.
Walking under the waterfall.
...which makes an obvious back drop and photo opp.

Sleepy kitty.

Feeding the Hippo.
Sleepy kitty #2.

It was a nice relaxing afternoon followed later by pizza delivery and board game playing at John's place. ...I won. :-)


Anonymous said...

nice! when i was (a very odd) preteen, i had a membership to the zoo and took the TTC out there all by myself most weekends... your pics remind me how much i'd love to visit it again. it's been over 15 years! thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

I must admit I love zoos. Whenever I get the chance, mostly when traveling abroad, and go there! It's a fun place to relax and spot some cool animals.