Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Candian Health Care System

Here is a re-posting of an informative opinion piece written by a Canadian living in the U.S.A. who is familiar with both countries health care systems. Thanks to L-girl for recently posting this interesting and educational article on her blog, "We Move to Canada." I thought it an excellent addition to the three articles by Sara Robinson that I have listed on my "Websites/Links" post-the link to which you can find on the right side bar under, "Immigration." One can find them on that page under, " Canadian Health Care."

While the article is written without depth, it is no simpler than the black and white fear based lies that are constantly reported to the U.S. population. It does, however, contain an honest picture of the health care system north of the border. Taken as a whole, the information in all four health care articles listed on my resource page ring true based on my current experience with the Canadian system.

One aspect which I have not yet seen compared is the relaxed ease of use the Canadian population, at least here in Toronto, experience when accessing medical treatment. Patients do not concern themselves with payment and front-line medical workers are overwhelmingly pleasant and friendly. Follow-up calls are not rushed or frustrating and the staff on the other end of the phone are genuinely helpful. These are the interactions my partner and I have had.

Neither system is perfect, but the "facts" regarding Canadian health care being reported to the U.S. population are, for the most part and at best, stilted and misleading. While the Obama administration is attempting to overhaul and improve the U.S. system, (it) they are doing so without solid conviction, allowing the spread of fear that is based on a significant amount of nonsense.

Debunking Canadian Health Care Myths -DenverPost.com

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Anonymous said...

One thing I'm having a hard time to make my French friends understand is that Canada has a pretty good health system. French always think they are the only one to have a "socialized" health care system and more than once, I've been asked how I paid my bills etc.

Well, the answer is simple: I don't have health bills. Most of my health needs are taken care of by the province, with the exception of dentistry etc (which is the same in France anyway).

The USA is actually the exception more than the rule when it comes to health care, since a lot of countries subsidized theirs.

I really enjoy the fact I don't have to worry about paying doctors etc if I need them.

Sure, the Canadian system could be improve (anything can be improved!) but all in all, I'm pretty happy with it.