Sunday, January 31, 2010

English Bay, Vancouver, BC

7:30 A.M., English Bay, Vancouver, BC

I exchanged perhaps thirty "Good Mornings" in absolutely no time. As a cynical New York born it became almost too much...the smile on my face, I mean. Those out and about (say it like a Canadian, you know you want to!) doing their morning exercise were exceptionally friendly. It was a great first morning in Vancouver!

Couldn't help but love the full grown tree planted atop this building. The architecture in Vancouver is extremely diverse.
Architectural, artistic and natural beauty are everywhere!
The edge of Stanley Park.


West End Bob said...

Sorry we didn't get to hook up, Adam - the pics look VERY familiar as you were in our 'hood!

Great shots, and hope you boyz had a great time in our fair city . . . .

Adam said...

Yeah, sorry we didn't all meet up. We had a great time in your city and a local connection would have made it all the better. AND we *loved* your hood...Eric has for a long time and now I am completely "on board." Next visit when there is more time I'll make sure to not let anything else get in the way of a face-to-face. Cheers!

Unknown said...

The one building of the tree, I understand that famous people live there. Star trekkers actually. I suppose the building has that type of shape..

Great photos, Vancouver is always a great city to visit!