Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Choosing a Toronto Neighborhood

Eric and I have a dilemma. We are not familiar enough with Toronto neighborhoods. We're hoping that we will be traveling to Toronto sometime in the beginning of June to rent an apartment and we have no idea where to focus. Yeah, we know the "gay" area is Church and Wellesley but other than that, where would a gay male couple want to live? I don't necessarily need to be in a gay ghetto/neighborhood.

We currently rent a two bed single family with a backyard and a garage but we've also really enjoyed living in a flat. I'd like to be near a subway station and have what I consider walk-ability. It would be nice not to have to drive every time I leave the house. Having some shopping, grocery, farmer's market, pub, COFFEE SHOP, etc. close by would be ideal. So would a park. Anyway...

What do you all think? What areas do you consider great to live in? And why? And what areas should we avoid? Any help is appreciated.


Tom said...

Hi Guys, it's Tom from Canadian Hope.

The best resources for neighborhoods for us were these:


and to map them with neighborhood photos. I like this one.


Adam said...

Thanks for the info. I just discovered boldts.net and will explore the other. What neighborhood did you end up settling in...and how do you like it? Thanks again. Adam

Tom said...

We chose Cabbagetown. It's just outside the gay village. I get to to walk to work downtown, it's centrally located and has large parks nearby. (Riverdale and Allan Gardens.)

It's where we stayed on our first visit and we just love the area.

Adam said...

Cabbagetown is definitely one of the areas that I wanted to explore. My partner is currently fixated on E. York. He will be working on Eglinton and Don Mills (I believe). Thanks for the reply. We really, really appreciate the help.

laura k said...

The Danforth is a great neighbourhood, as is Leslieville, where Nick and Mason (Life Without Borders) live. Both are the "east end".

Good luck!

Adam said...

Thanks L,
I am very interested in the Danforth
and I will also explore Leslieville.