Saturday, May 31, 2008

Still Waiting...

Just a short post to mention that we are still waiting for the Positive Labor Market Opinion to be issued. As soon as we have it in hand, we will by flying to Toronto to rent an apartment. Thanks to all for your input regarding suitable neighborhoods.

***6/2 Update*** HRSDC has informed Eric's Toronto employer (ETO) that the LMO will be completed by this coming Friday. Good news, I suppose! ETO also agreed to a later start date because of the additional processing time.

Oh, and going into its third growing season is my cute little backyard garden. Aside from a newly planted pine tree and un-killable bush (no jokes please) it was a virtual dead zone when we moved in. Much of the soil was as hard as concrete. Now significantly more verdant, I find worms and salamanders regularly and it is actually starting to look like something. Life supports more life. I am going to miss it. Click on the pic. :-)

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Vancouver Isle Doug said...

I just found your blog - interesting read and interesting route you are taking for relocation to Canada. We applied the typical way, I suppose one could say, and it took 27 months for approval. We moved last October and are quite happy here on Vancouver Island. Coming form WI I wanted no more snow!! My husband found a great job that he loves but I on the other hand am still looking, after 8 months. Oh well, at least the bills are getting paid.

Good Luck on your adventure!! I now have your blog flagged for updates.