Friday, May 23, 2008

Where in Toronto should we live?

These are the areas of Toronto (in no particular order) that have been suggested by you, the people. I believe we are still aiming for a June trip to Toronto to apartment hunt. We love to explore, so I am sure we will be roaming as much of the city as time will allow. Even so, these areas will be a great place to start. The poll is still open. If there are any more suggestions, click on "comments" and let me know.
  • Yonge and St. Clair
  • Yonge and Eglinton
  • Cabbagetown
  • East York (Old East York Village)
  • Leslieville
  • Kensington Mrkt.
  • Riverdale
  • Danforth (Greektown)
  • Parkdale
  • Liberty Village


Toma said...

We are going to Toronto!
Not sure yet if we want to be in the city or the suburbs yet. Jobs may be a factor in that decision.

Toma said...

Sorry, I forgot this link provided by one of our inspirations:

Tom said...

I work in the DT Core and find it's a great neighborhood as well.

Also the harbour front and lakeshore are possibilities.

Emilio and I also love Kensington Market(bohemian paradise).

A friend of ours lives in Riverdale which we liked alot.

Adam said...

Tom, thanks for the additional suggestions on where to live. I will add those to the list. And TOMA, thanks for the link. I found it very helpful. Other readers had mentioned it as well. To many, it has obviously been a valuable resource.

Anonymous said...

Can't offer thoughts on Toronto, but just saw your post on Tom and Emilio's blog and thought I'd visit yours. Greetings! Hope all goes well with your move! Melissa at

Jen said...


Jen said...

You said: shopping, grocery, farmer's market, pub, COFFEE SHOP, etc. close by would be ideal. So would a park. "

So let me reiterate: Parkdale!

--shopping: Queen Street
--grocery & farmer's market: all along Roncesvalles (a.k.a: Ronces)
--pubs: all along Ronces & Queen (yay Rhino on Queen)
--COFFEE SHOP: Take your pick: Alternatives is great, the usual chains, Tinto--sofas & sambos and coffee, oh my!
--So would a park: High Park & the Lakeshore & Sorauren for tennis courts and off leash.
--You didn't mention restaurants, so I will: Little Italy is just down College, Ronces is rapidly gentrifying but you can still get a traditional polish meal and a polish street fest once a year. There are heaps of GLBT folk all around.

The main downside: Parkdale is increasingly popular so house prices are rising. The neighbourhood closer to Brock tends to be cheaper (but further from alot of the other stuff, except little italy).

Adam said...

Thanks Jen,
What a great recommendation. I will certainly add Parkdale to the list based on such a detailed description. Cheers!

Christina in Denver said...

Hello my pretties!! I've been told by my Toronto BFF Claire to not go to Parkdale - it's equivelent to Compton. She suggested High Park, Lakeshore, Fort York and Liberty Village. She's happy to help you out if you want to e-mail her.

Adam said...

Hey Christina!
Thanks for the comments. Please forward the blog address to your friend in Toronto if you haven't already. Perhaps she can add some detail to her preferences. A

Jen said...

Compton!? Give me a break! Obviously she hasn't been to Parkdale recently... Maybe, ~maybe~ south of Queen, but really I don't think I'd credit that comparison at all.

(Disclaimer: Not that I've been to Compton mind you, but I'm basing that on it's reputation for violent crime).