Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Labor Market Opinion Needed

Eric's Toronto employer has determined that a Labor Market Opinion will be required. It is our understanding that the determination will take approximately twenty days. More info here, and here. Employer LMO info here.

***Update: Originally we believed that Eric would not need a LMO (see above) because his position is listed as one that is exempt. Sounds great right? Wrong, unfortunately. Canada highly skews their immigration policies toward those that have educational degrees. Now, while Eric's work experience and skills make him uber qualified, highly employable, and, thus, highly valuable, he does not have a degree past high school - alas. Because of this he is caught waiting for a positive labour (I am starting to spell like a Canadian, LOL) market opinion from HRSDC. The Canadian employer must apply for the LMO, which happened, I believe, this last Monday. Again, we are told this will take twenty days.

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